Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 231 Manufacture of production equipment


A company that manufactures production units for mechatronics machines and equipment (supply/ejection, transfer equipment, and hands & chucks) and parts for automobiles

Address 12-1 Motomachi, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0043 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-68-6156

■Company Outline

KONDOHSEISAKUSYO has been engaged in the processing of automobile parts for many years. The company is also committed to expanding its product lineup to include mechatronics machines and equipment and visual inspection units incorporating LEDs and cameras. KONDOHSEISAKUSYO has put in place a global framework with production centers located in Thailand and North America.

■Main Products

■Mechatronics machine division
・Design and manufacture of automatic transfer lines and industrial robot systems
・Gantry loaders
・Peripheral equipment including stockers and testing devices
・Information equipment for production control and software
■Mechatronics equipment division
・Hands & chucks and peripheral equipment for industrial robots
・Image processing equipment and software
・LED lighting
■Automobile parts division
・Brake hose hardware
・Airbag hardware
・Hydraulic and pneumatic parts

■Core Competence

■Mechatronics equipment division
Comprehensive design and manufacture of machines and electrics
Proposal and development with the automobile parts division from a customer viewpoint
■Mechatronics equipment division
Top-class variation of hands & chucks in the industry
Responding immediately to user needs (special custom-made products)
■Automobile parts division
Total production system from cold materials to the cutting process
Prompt start-up with our originally-developed production facilities