Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 026 Manufacture of production equipment

KTX Co., Ltd.

Achieves precision plastic forming with the world’s top level electro-forming technology

Address 51 Jizo, Yasura, Konan, Aichi 483-8111 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-54-5231

■Company Outline

Konan Tokushu Sangyo (KTX) manufactures nickel tools for automotive interior parts, such as instrument panels, doors for major tier 1 suppliers around the world. KTX has developed Porous Nickel (R), which is electroformed nickel with countless micropores on its surface, and other world top level electroforming related technologies. KTX has also advanced into nano processing field with its ultra accurate electroforming technologies.

■Main Products


1.Slush tooling


2.Porous Nickel (R) tooling


3.Molded product

Automotive interior products including instrument panels and doors are manufacutured with forming tooling such as Porous Nickel (R) tooling, ordinary electroforming tooling, injection mold, blow molds and RIM molds.

■Core Competence

KTX has developed Porous Nickel (R) tooling based on its unique technologies. The Porous Nickel (R) tooling have been used to create a new process called Negative Vacuum Thermoforming. This process has been gathering attention from major automotive companies around the world for its high grain definition and energy saving characterictics. Consequently, the process is widely used in various forming tooling to manufacture automotive interior parts. The Porous Nickel (R) tooling was invented by KTX and we are proud of our "only one" technologies.