Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 410 Manufacture of production equipment


A leading manufacturer of low-pressure die casting machines for producing cylinder heads and other components for automobile engines

Address 4-1 Ganmichi, Hekinan, Aichi 447-8511 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-48-1266

■Company Outline

To meet the needs of customers worldwide, ISUZU MFG. CO., LTD. develops and sells environment-friendly unique products such as low-pressure die casting machines, automation systems, automatic wire coil pickling lines, and environment control systems.

■Main Products


Low-pressure die casting machines


Automation systems


Automatic wire coil pickling


Anti-pollution control systems

■Core Competence

1. Low-pressure die casting system for ensuring the quality of aluminum casting products
(1) Microcomputer-controlled pressure device (pressure control accuracy: ±0.005×105Pa)
(2) Direct drive servomotor low pressure die casting machine (60 percent lower power consumption than hydraulic low pressure die casting machines)
(3) Market share: Half the motor vehicles on the road in Japan use engine components produced by ISUZU’s low-pressure die casting machines.
2. A variety of automation systems
Ranging from food packaging systems to nuclear fuel rod inspection machines, ISUZU develops all kinds of production systems.
3. Integrated engineering of automatic wire coil pickling lines
ISUZU provides low-cost system designs for plant construction (Bind, Wrapping, Weighning, Material handling, etc.), automation systems, and exhaust gas treatment systems.