Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 236 Manufacture of production equipment


A tool engineering company

Address 26 Hirako,Yoshiwara,Toyota, Aichi 473-8511 JAPAN
Tel +81-565-53-6611

■Company Outline

FUJI SEIKO produces and sells customized tools (specialized tools) for production lines of automobile parts (including engines, transmissions).These tools are designed to improve operating ratio, save labor and soon and attain high-precision processing.

■Main Products

Customized tools, jigs, work gauges etc.
236_s01.jpg(Examples of customized tools)

■Core Competence

・ FUJI SEIKO is the only company in Japan that provides total services through the design and production of cutting tools and holders.We are able to provide comprehensive quality control for various products from cutting tools to holders, and we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by our original total tooling system.
・ We have been distributing general tools for other tool manufacturers for a long time, and have technological know-how in general tools as well as customized tools.
・ We design and produce work chuck jigs that require compatibility with tools, in order to improve reliability of production lines of automobile parts and to reduce procurement costs and man-hours for handling orders.