Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1207 Manufacture of production equipment

CKD Corporation

Automation Technology for the Future

Address 2-250 Ouji, Komaki, Aichi 485-8551 JAPAN
Tel +81-0568-74-1160

■Company Outline

Since our establishment in 1943, we have been conducting research and development in automation and fluid control technologies for more than 70 years. Our proprietary cutting-edge technologies have been highly regarded by manufacturing sites around the world, and have left abundant achievements in many technological fields.

■Main Products

・Pharmaceutical products packaging machime

1207_3.jpg 1207_4.jpg
・Food packaging machime ・Winding machine for lithium-ion batteries ・3D solder paste inspection machine ・Pneumatic system components

・Fluid control components

・Labor-saving components

・Electric drive actuators

■Core Competence

Our know-how in the medical field, spanning over 40 years, have greatly contributed to Assurance and Safety, and our accomplishments have given us the largest domestic market share in the blister packaging system for medicines (tablets, capsules, etc.). Also, in regard to the fluid control valves used by semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, we continue to support the cutting-edge electronic device industry as seen by our global shares in chemical liquid valves at 47.5% and process gases / vacuum valves at 18.1%.