Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 053 Manufacture of production equipment

Chiyoda kogyo Co., Ltd.

A complete manufacturer of automobile seats from prototypes of functional parts to metal molds

Address 1 Iwagane, Haruki, Togo, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-38-0005

■Company Outline

Chiyoda is a manufacturer of prototypes for automobile parts and press molds. Chiyoda joins forces with our customers from the development stage of automobile seats, and aims to be a technological service company that can advise on new technologies, quality, productivity, cost, new work processes, and mass-production.

■Main Products

Automobile seat parts (980 Mpa high-tension steel plate)
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Automobile seat track parts (980 Mpa high-tension steel plate)


■Core Competence

As a comprehensive manufacturer of automobile seats from prototypes of functional parts to metal molds, Chiyoda Kogyo will continue to propose issues in mass-production and provide support from the customer’s point of view. We will advance development, as a company that can effectively provide proposals, by manufacturing assembled products as well as parts.
In the mass-production section, Chiyoda Kogyo handles new materials (980 Mpa high-tension steel plate) and improves precision. We have also developed technologies to reduce defective products and to shorten delivery time, by applying a simulation before making molds to all products. We will make every effort to acquire new processing technologies and to develop human resources in order that manufacturing molds with improved technologies meet customer needs.