Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 122 Manufacture of production equipment

Asahi Sunac Corporation

Leading manufacturer of coating, forging, and cleaning systems, carving a niche for itself

Address 5050 Asahimae, Owariasahi, Aichi 488-8688 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-53-1212

■Company Outline

Asahi Sunac is an independent machine builder, holding a dominant share of the market in coating, forging, and cleaning machine. The company has established a solid R&D system with its own technology center to provide customers with the best production solutions.

■Main Products


Indirect charging electrostatic hand gun for waterborne coating, HB3000 series


Multistage cold forging machine for part production, SF series


Ultra high-pressure micro jet precision cleaning machine, MJE1520

■Core Competence

Asahi Sunac has been manufacturing coating machines for the last 50 years. Under the concept of the “Ec’Coater” we have been building our status as a leading comprehensive manufacturer by developing equipment for waterborne coating and powder coating in order to be an environmental-friendly company.
Asahi Sunac also developed forging machines 50 years ago. This machine consecutively conducts forging processing at normal temperature without secondary machining process. We are further developing this machine to enable complicated and difficult processing, aiming to realize the concept of a“Net-shaper.”
We have been promoting the cleaning/machine business for the last 10 years and have developed the original ultra high-pressure micro jet technology. This is the only technology in the industry and is gathering attention in the cutting-edge semiconductor and liquid crystal panel industries.
With these original technologies, Asahi Sunac will further develop its business in the three different industries that are a niche in the global market.