Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 030 Manufacture of production equipment

Asada Corporation

The top manufacturer of Freon recovery devices and plumbing machinery/tools

Address 3-60 Nishi-machi,Kamiiida, Kita, Nagoya, Aichi 462-8551 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-914-1207

■Company Outline

Asada Corporation develops, manufactures, distributes, imports and exports mainly plumbing machinery, tools and equipment related to environment protection. The original “pipe-threading machine,” developed for the first time in Japan, has the top world market share. The company maintains its status as a top manufacturer of Freon recovery devices through the application of “anti-water leak technology in pipes” to “anti- Freon leak concentrating technology.”

■Main Products

*Plumbing machines and tools*
Plumbing machines and tools: pipe threading machines, portable band saws, welding machines, plumbing tools, diamond tools, and copper tubing tools
*Environmental equipment*
Freon related products: recovery machines, recycling machines, destruction machines, car air conditioning cleaning service equipment, sulfur hexafluoride recovery machines, air conditioning service tools
Cleaners: High-pressure cleaners, high-pressure cleaning trucks, drain cleaning machines
Other: lifts, inspection tools


■Core Competence

The pipe-threading machines have been Asada’s core products since its establishment. The feature of the pipe-threading machine is to thread pipes without water leakage. Our Beaver series, which was first developed in Japan in 1953, has held the world’s top market share. The related portable band saw is also the first such product developed in Japan, and we are currently attracting interest from a foreign company for joint development of the product.
Asada Corporation has applied the “anti-water leak” technology to the “anti-gas leak” technology, and has accumulated “know-how” on refrigerant shifting and filling technologies. Our first Freon recovery machines have held the top market share in commercial refrigerant equipment since it was first developed in Japan in 1995. We have a wide variety of Freon recovery machines using different technologies including ultra high pressure, low pressure, and high speed. Furthermore, a recovery machine for SF6 gas (with a high global warming potential) has also been developed and distributed. Currently, we are developing new products, followed by the adaptation of the NEDO research and development project and the regional consortium project by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.