Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 028 Printing and allied industries

Iwata Label Co., Ltd.

The leading company of medical labels that require strict quality control

Address 5-15-18 Mitsui, Ichinomiya, Aichi 491-0827 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-76-1611

■Company Outline

Iwata Label manufactures special labels and labeling system devices for medicines. Iwata has developed human error prevention labels for medical facilities where safety and peace of mind are strongly required, ultraviolet ray cutting labels, drip infusion hanger labels and other labels with functionality and unique ideas.

■Main Products


Shrink Tack Label (with tamper evident function)


LPE Pack Label (with the protection from light)


Hanger Label (with hanging function)


Rod/Stopper Syringe assembly and labeling

■Core Competence

Provision of optimal systems for “labels” and “labeling machines”

Iwata Label manufactures labels and labeling machines. Labeling machines require not only accuracy but also other various functions including accurate printing, several checking functions, and processing speed. Iwata Labeling is the only manufacturer that works on both labels and labeling machines. Our optimal systems developed from both “labels suitable for labeling machines” and “labeling machines suitable for labels” have gained high appraisal and trust.