Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 127 Manufacture of plastic products


Manufacturer of translucent interior materials that create a Japanese atmosphere

Address 7-21 Chihara, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0011 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-451-1456

■Company Outline

WARLON produces translucent resin-reinforced shoji-gami, Japanese sliding-screen paper, laminated using its own technology to counteract the weakness of conventional shoji-gami ? which tears and marks easily ? without spoiling the beauty of washi, Japanese traditional paper. As a manufacturer of interior materials that create a Japanese atmosphere, the company provides products tailored to meet the needs of the times.

■Main Products

[Warlon Sheet] [Warlon Plate]
Durable interior materials using Japanese-style paper that is laminated (on both sides) with vinyl chloride resin
[Acri Warlon P-type]
Material to create a multipurpose Japanese atmosphere that enables forming process and outside use, using light-resistant decorated resin boards that have reproduce precisely the design of Japanese paper or natural materials
[Tough Top] [High-tech A (Ace)] [Twin Guard]
Specially toughened paper for sliding-screens with added features such as anti-tearing and flameproof, while maintaining the feel and texture of Japanese paper

■Core Competence

Warlon has developed its original laminating technology to toughen Japanese paper that tears and marks easily, and has been contributing to the creation of new values of durable building products. Furthermore, our original surface texture has been appraised for its precise reproduction of Japanese paper’s material and beauty. We are clearly superior to other companies with our distinguished products. Warlon has obtained its brand recognition with its commitment to the niche translucent resin-inforced boards market. For example, the brand name “WARLON” is often used as a general term for toughened Japanese sliding-screen paper. With the motto “whenever, even from one piece, wherever,” we are developing original products to meet market needs promptly.