Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 430 Manufacture of plastic products


We hold a 71 percent share of the vehicle windshield washer nozzle market in Japan and a 21 percent share abroad

Address 4-6, Motoshio, Minami, Nagoya, Aichi 457-0823 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-619-0080

■Company Outline

TAMANO KASEI CO., LTD. specializes in precision molded components. We have an integrated system for flow analysis, manufacturing, assembling, and inspection to provide automotive and business machine precision components made mainly of high-performance resin. We hold a 71 percent share of the vehicle windshield washer nozzle market in Japan and a 21 percent share abroad (estimated by TAMANO KASEI in 2006).

■Main Products


Vehicle windshield washer nozzle


Vehicle fuel (gasoline) injection system components


Vehicle fuel pump components


Residential water heater components


Residential flush toilet components


Medical device components

■Core Competence

We are highly valued for our sophisticated techniques for molding and fabricating windshield washer nozzles and other vehicle functional components that ideally meet customers’ needs.
Vehicle windshield washer nozzles are molded products with highly variable thickness. They are especially difficult to design because a completely different approach from that for resin molded products is required. In addition, customers require washer nozzles both to look good and be highly functional. At TAMANO KASEI, we use our mold and forming know-how accumulated through many years of experience and our advanced image processing techniques to check the injection performance to respond to customer demands. Our proprietary production equipment is capable of producing 2.7 million units a month, the highest production volume in the world.
Based on the techniques applied to windshield washer nozzles, we also provide gasoline injection nozzles. The production of 2 million units a month, with no delivery defects in the past two years, demonstrates the exceptional quality of our products.
We use computer-aided engineering (CAE) for the flow analysis to design the optimal shape and structure of molds. We guarantee quality manufacturing both in our molds and products.