Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 407 Manufacture of plastic products


A manufacturer engaged in the development and production of resin products for food, consumer electronics, and various other industries

Address 4-1-8 Fushimi, Fukishima, Tokai, Aichi 476-0012 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-603-1171

■Company Outline

Based on its technical skills accumulated through many years of experience, TAIYO PLSTICS Industry provides high-quality, mass-produced products in accordance with customers’ needs. TAIYO is the only company in Japan to produce conveyor belt resin rollers, which are superior to conventional products.

■Main Products

On request, we produce and sell finished and half-finished products and components for home appliances and over and inside caps for food containers. In addition, we produce and sell our proprietary products: resin components for office furniture, as well as bicycle helmets for students riding to and from school. In the area of industrial equipment, we are engaged in the production and sales of resin rollers for long conveyor belt systems.


■Core Competence

Establishment of a low-cost and high-efficiency production
system based on our proprietary manufacturing equipment and
TAIYO PLASTICS Industry, based on its technical skills accumulated through long years of experience, fully assists customers in developing their products. Under the motto: “Translate customers’ ideas into tangible forms,” we have an integrated system for product design, modeling, material selection, mold building, and mass production in accordance with customers’ requirements.
Particularly, in the process from product development to commercial production, we create our original manufacturing equipment and tools for stable mass production to meet customers’ needs while maintaining high quality. This approach enables us to provide an efficient production system at low initial cost, thus reducing overall cost and increasing customer satisfaction.
We also disclose necessary information on our new technologies to customers to help them develop their products as well as to build stronger partnerships with them.