Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 031 Manufacture of plastic products

Sansyu Precision Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer of ultra-precision metal and resin parts for printers, cameras, automobiles, etc.

Address 4-1-55 Hieda, Takahama, Aichi 444-1321 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-52-3421

■Company Outline

Sansyu Precision has realized the production of resin gears for wristwatches with a tolerance of 0.005 mm and forming products with different materials using two kinds of resin. Sansyu Precision professes to be the “subcontractor of the world” armed with ultra-precision mold and forming techniques for metals and resins, and has won high evaluations from major manufacturers of printers, cameras, automobiles, etc.

■Main Products

1. Precision resin parts for inkjet printers

2. Switch knobs for automobiles (power window switch with night lighting, etc.)

3. Cartridge parts for laser printers and copiers

4. Mechanical parts and exterior parts for digital cameras and video cameras

5. Precision resin parts for industrial machines (air valves, bearing parts, etc.)


■Core Competence

1. In the area of integral molding with using dissimilar materials, Sansyu Precision has achieved high performance in developing and mass-producing precision forming parts by a combination with optically transparent resin or with soft resin called elastomer. In particular, our market share in automotive power window switches is growing.
2. Our products are receiving high appraisals for precision and quality of mechanical parts for laser printers that require high accurancy in coaxiality and roundness.
3. Sansyu Precision has realized mass-production of various precision resin forming parts, including ultra-thin (0.1 to 0.2 mm thickness) resin forming products, ultra-small precision forming products (1 mm and below), and forming products with multi-directional (16 directions) slide core mechanism.