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Certification No. 909 Manufacture of plastic products


Plastic Large-sized Thermo Forming Maker

Address 1-50.Kamihorikoshi-cho.Nishi-ku NAGOYA JAPAN, Aichi 451-0084 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-522-1121

■Company Outline

Large-sized thermo forming ( vacuum and pressure , heat press) of a plastic sheet is made elated, and it contributes with parts, such as the brand sign of a convenience store and a car, a semiconductor and liquid crystal equipment, medical treatment, a car, a railroad, a musical instrument, and a physical distribution.

■Main Products

■ Vacuum forming product :a convenience store sign panel, semiconductor-fabrication-machines-and-equipment parts, a car and railroad vehicle parts, a medical machine cover, physical distribution tray
■Pressure forming product :brand sign, a medical machine housing, an industrial machine cover a precision component tray, an industrial-robots case ■Heat press forming product :store sign panel, a railroad yard sign panel, and industrial machine cover
■Twin composite cast
■heater bending article
■ several-kinds plastic plate processed goods at large

■Core Competence

Plastic Large-sized Thermo Forming
number one : Carmaker brand sign, Chukyo area convenience store sign, the top of the Chukyo area of a thick board vacuum forming article onlyone: a large-sized vacuum, pressure, heat press-forming, transparent piano manufacture, and medical machine condenser industry first: the domestic maximum size of the material heating furnace of 5000-mm width, and a halogen heating vacuum machine