Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1206 Manufacture of plastic products


Company striving to improve "WHEA-STONE Quality" with high technical capability and providing new dreams continuously

Address 1-107 Kosukeyama, Kanieshinden, Kanie, Aichi 497-0044 JAPAN
Tel +81-567-96-1531

■Company Outline

We are one of group companies of Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. (comprehensive container manufacturer) and manufacture and sell plastic products. Our core is high technical capability such as injection blow molding, etc. We manufacture wide variety of bottles for dietary supplement, pharmaceutical products, stationery, cosmetics and food etc.

■Main Products

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【Bottle for Dietary Supplement】
We manufacture supplement bottles with glossy appearance and high airtightness. They have been adopted by famous food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan. We also provide tamper-proof bottle, moisture-proof bottle and transparent color bottle etc.

【Pharmaceutical bottle】
We manufacture bottles for eye-drops and medication, utilizing high airtightness.

【Cosmetics bottle】
We manufacture highly transparent PET bottles that can be used for skin lotion, milky lotion and other general merchandise. Original shape is also available at low cost.

【Stationery bottle】
We manufacture bottles for marker pen, squeezable bottles and solvent resistant bottles.

■Core Competence

For the first time in Japan, we introduced injection blow molding machine manufactured by Wheaton (U.S.A.), a pioneer of injection blow molding. Since then, we have been molding with the machine for half a century. Injection blow molding has superiority in mass production, accuracy in finish area, smoothness and glossy appearance etc. Also, we focus on developing bottles with functionality such as solvent resistance and moisture-proof property, by injection blow molding with various resins.