Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 411 Manufacture of plastic products


A comprehensive manufacturer, offering products ranging from precision components to large assemblies by processing all kinds of resin materials

Address 266-4 Tonowari, Minamishibata, Tokai, Aichi 476-0001 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-601-1151

■Company Outline

Through its long years of experience as a comprehensive plastic product manufacturer, Kinjo Kako Co., Ltd. processes all kinds of resin materials ranging from general-purpose resins to super engineering plastics, providing industrial plastic products mainly for automobile components. With sophisticated material processing technologies such as for resin clutch pedals, Kinjo is highly valued for its outstanding engineering capabilities.

■Main Products

・Resin clutch pedal
・Parking brake lever grip
・Parking brake release rod knob
・Upper sliding door trim
・Door armrest cover
・Septic tank disinfection chamber
・Manhole cover and frame
・Septic tank spherical filter element
・Electrical protector tube mount


Resin clutch pedal


Parking brake lever grip


Septic tank components

■Core Competence

Kinjo Kako Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial plastics manufacturer, producing small to large products by processing all kinds of resin materials.
We are committed to creating products that incorporate revolutionary designs as well as require advanced processing techniques. We share technical expertise with customers and build close partnerships with mold manufacturers to design dies for such new products.
We hold an almost 100 percent share of the resin clutch pedal market and a 100 percent share of the market for non-bonded parking brake lever grips.
Kinjo has a reputation for its high engineering capability to transform new customer designs into tangible forms.