Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 216 Manufacture of plastic products


A manufacturer of small precision plastic composite parts for industrial use

Address 2-1-17 Honohara, Toyokawa, Aichi 442-8587 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-85-1127

■Company Outline

ITOMOL manufactures small precision plastic composite parts for industrial use, which serve as precision functional parts in automobiles, information technology and office automation. The company has an integrated process, from design, analysis, production technology and manufacturing to inspection.

■Main Products


■Core Competence

Itomol has its strength in manufacturing small precision plastic composite parts.
With our continuous focus on “1 micron” in single parts, Itomol has realized ultra-precision forming using super engineering plastic. We have established mass-production lines prior to the actual manufacturing process, in consideration of shape, accuracy, and cost.
Itomol is advancing research and development by using technical drawing analysis with 3D CAD/CAE. Through such activities, we have conquered major concerns in mass-production. Itomol will devote itself to development of “1 micron” products by applying its accumulated technologies and know-how.