Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 002 Manufacture of plastic products


A next generation compound textile manufacturer aiming for further evolution based on the latest fiber technology

Address 5-1 Iwanishi, Nakahara, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3106 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-41-1211

■Company Outline

Fukui Fibertech develops and manufactures nets and basic materials for fishery, civil engineering, construction and FRP (fiber rich compound products), and mats and interior accessories for automobiles. Fukui Fibertech promotes joint research with universities and aims to be a research and development oriented manufacturer for state-of-the-art textile products.

■Main Products

1) Manufacturing and sale of netting products designed to benefit various industries including fishery, agriculture, industrial materials manufacture, and sports.
2) Manufacturing and sale of fiber reinforced plastic products used in various industries such as agriculture, fishery, construction, and environmental products.
3)Manufacturing and sale of automobile interiors and car mats.

■Core Competence

Netting products are produced for various industries including fishery, agriculture, industrial materials manufacture, sports, and automobiles. These netting products are manufactured at our main plant and at our Penang plant in Malaysia that was established in 1989.

We produce FRP products that can maintain stable dimensional accuracy regardless of temperature changes and have introduced multiaxial knitting machines in order to apply FRP products extensively to the environmental business. Furthermore, we have advanced into the sewerage reclamation business with light cured FRP technologies. Such technologies are quick methods and do not require a high degree of skill regardless of outside temperature or distance, enabling direct improvement of sewerage treatment.

Fukui Fibertech is aiming to realize next-generation compound textile products with advanced fiber technologies, and is continuing research and development.