Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 140 Manufacture of plastic products


Food packaging manufacturer with environment-conscious aqueous gravure printing technology

Address 3-143 Akatsuki, Seto, Aichi 489-0071 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-86-8511

■Company Outline

FUJI TOKUSHU SHIGYO is a manufacturer (commonly called a converter) of multi-layer printed flexible package for food. The company was the first in the world to develop and disseminate water-based gravure printing technology and non-solvent laminating technology for people- and environment-friendly packaging.

■Main Products

All food products in supermarkets are sold in packages. Fuji Tokushu Shigyo (Fujitoku) provides various packages for food products such as miso (soybean paste), pickles, retort-packed food, sweets, dairy products, and processed meat products.
To manufacture packages, a variety of materials are chosen and combined depending on the required functions and distribution process.
It is also important to provide packages with consumer-friendly shapes and functions, including easy-to-open packages, portable packages, and re-sealable packages.
Fujitoku is developing environment-friendly products from a customer's viewpoint.

■Core Competence

With the increasing demand for environmental protection and safe chemical substances, Fujitoku took the initiative in changing gravure printing technology from oil-based to water-based for the first time in the world, in compliance with the legal regulations governing VOC (volatile organic compounds). We have also established a non-solvent laminating technology. These technology developments have improved not only environmental conditions but also the work environment, and have enabled Fujitoku to be distinguished from other companies. The water-based gravure printing technology has eliminated residual solvent and has improved product safety. A sharp contrast(reproducibility)of photographic printing has also been improved significantly by the process color matching system.
Fujitoku is the only company that has adopted a positive concept of “not using solvent at all,” abandoning the negative concept of "collect the solvent in printing later"