Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 120 Manufacture of plastic products


“Creator style” company that develops new type of packagings, products, and the market with a core of plastic blow molding technology

Address 23-2 Kawaji, Yato, Shinshiro, Aichi 441-1306 JAPAN
Tel +81-536-23-1351

■Company Outline

Leading company specializing in small and thin plastic packagings/containers made by direct blow molding. Honda Plus is the first company that established blow molding technology for PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) and has the largest market share in the field of stationary containers such as white-out in Japan. Honda Plus has been increasing their share in the market of various kinds of packagings/containers for cosmetics etc. with the collaboration of their “ONLY ONE” technology of small-sized precision blow molding and their creative design work.

■Main Products

- Packagings/containers for cosmetics, medical products, cutting tools including their standard packagings
- Product design, development, manufacturing, sales
- Development and manufacturing of precise medical parts and stationary-related products
- Development and manufacturing of industrial parts and electronics small-sized parts
- OEM of interdental brushes


■Core Competence

Under the philosophy “we do what others cannot,” Honda Plus is aiming to be a pioneer of blow molding by proactively advancing cutting-edge technology research, trials with new materials, development of strategic products, and sample production.
In addition, Honda Plus designs, plans, and develops products using the core blow molding technology in its design offices located in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo and Shinshiro in Aichi (headquarters). We propose various designs from a blow molding manufacturer’s point of view, in consideration of customer needs.
Honda Plus will make every effort to be the “only one” blow molding manufacturer that provides customers with comprehensive services including design, manufacturing, and distribution.