Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0036 Manufacture of plastic products

Fujidenolo Co., Ltd.

A company with special processing technology for plastics employed in medical treatment and bio-related fields

Address 361-1 Takiminami-machi, Komaki, Aichi 485-0053 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-73-8681

■Company Outline

Fujidenolo has a 38 year history in plastic parts processing. Fujidenolo started processing parts for aircraft, and today they handle resin products in all industrial fields. Fujidenolo have recently received high evaluations in very difficult ultra-precision processing. Fujidenolo also started a business with a new technology called “diffusion bonding.”

■Main Products

Industrial plastic parts
・Medical related products using the "diffusion bonding" technology and the ultra-precision processing technology called "Hot Emboss technique."
・Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and aviation related products using precision cutting technology.


■Core Competence

Has resin bonding technologies without adhesives
Fujidenolo has the “diffusion bonding” technology to bond resin blocks without adhesives. Non-use of adhesives has enabled the following.
・No residual left on the bonding surface (inside of the block).
・Ant-nest-like channels inside of the block maintained by bonding blocks with groove geometric configuration.

This technology enables the downsizing of machine equipment and application to a visualization model (manifold analyzing devices). Furthermore, this can be applied to medical equipment by combining it with the nano-printing technology that generates fine groove geometric configuration (convex-concave patterns).