Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 223 Manufacture of plastic products


A company that manufactures all types of flexible packaging materials for foodstuffs, electronic industrial products, and agricultural products

Address 55-1 Sotonotani, Unoya, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3104 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-41-5111

■Company Outline

DAISAN FILMS CONVERTING processes plastic films with an integrated system from photoengraving, printing, laminating, and pouch forming to slit processing (final process). The company manufactures packaging-related products for foodstuffs, industrial products, and agricultural products.

■Main Products

Daisan Films Converting provides comprehensive processing of food packaging materials (for confectionery, frozen food, chilled food, and agricultural products) and various soft packaging materials (for electronics and textile products).
・In-house CG progress, manufacture of gravure plate making
・Printing to plastic films, coated products
・Laminated products processed with multilayer films of polyethylene and polypropylene
・Slit processed products for thick complex films laminated from thin films
・Various packaging processing using zips and stand packs
・Cutting process using a cutting machine to produce high-precision products

■Core Competence

Daisan Films Converting has prioritized protection of the natural environment. Our new plant began operation in autumn 2007, and by installing VOC treatment equipment we aim to reduce the environmental burden (factory emissions). We have the latest energy-saving system in place to reheat extracted emissions for reuse in the plant.
Our flexible production system ensures a hygienic environment for producing medical packaging products and precision equipment materials, as well as food packaging products. For important items that require strict control we use clean rooms. Simultaneously to the establishment of the new plant, we introduced new gravure printing/coating equipment and slitter machines to improve productivity and to meet diversified customer needs.