Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 158 Manufacture of plastic products


R&D-based manufacturer of functional plastic films and containers processed with unique technology

Address 45 Koshikawa, Ishimakihonmachi, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-1115 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-88-4558

■Company Outline

Aicello Chemical manufactures corrosion-inhibiting films and water-soluble films, holding the top domestic market share in corrosion-inhibiting films for packaging. The company develops clean films/containers for the semiconductor and medical/pharmaceutical fields, and provides various original packaging materials.

■Main Products

Corrosion-inhibiting films, water-soluble films, clean bags, clean containers, sealant films for lamination, vinylon films, photosensitive films for screen printing, colon-biodegradable capsules, recycling garbage bags, recycling stretch films, and other specialized films.


Corrosion-inhibiting films


Clean containers

■Core Competence

Under one of our management principles “pursue niche markets” Aicello Chemical provides original functional products to be attentive customers’ satisfaction even in a niche market. Currently, we are developing systems to provide a total range of resources (human/physical/financial/information resources) with our core products including corrosion-inhibiting films, water-soluble films, clean containers, and clean films in order to promote further business development.