Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 019 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd.

The only manufacturer dedicated to eyeglass lenses in Japan, with a domestic market share of 15%

Address 5-26 Shimoda, Eta, Okazaki, Aichi 444-2192 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-27-3000

■Company Outline

Tokai Optical has advanced development and commercialization of eyeglass lenses, as it is the only manufacture of the eyeglass lens which deals with development of lens materials, designs and secondary processing of the mineral and the plastic eyeglass lenses in Japan. It also proactively develops business of optical thin film products based on the vacuum deposition technology acquired through the manufacture of eyeglass lenses.

■Main Products

Eyeglass lenses and optical thin film products


The thinnest lens in the world BELUNA ZX-MU


Heat-resistance and tough Organic Shield Coat


Tokai's unique thin film product, Color IR Window

■Core Competence

Tokai Optical presents the impressive “vision life” through the latest eyeglass lens technologies and its mastery of skills. Our motto is “to see, to be seen, and to be able to see better.”
○We have contributed to the improvement of the visual field of a customer by providing previously unheard of strong minus power lens (-280 diopter) developed by our master skills.
○We have developed colors for the IR window which is black ordinary, used to infrared communications devices. The Color IR Window has now been applied to a new cell-phone model.
○We have been providing the world thinnest plastic lens, BELUNA ZX-MU, developed from the highest refractive index of 1.76 and the both-side aspheric design.
○We have developed coating technologies with anti-heat/scratch/stain and have been expanding them as high value added products.