Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 315 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries


Manufacturing products for traffic safety facilities, and barrier-free solutions based on the theme “informing the public space”

Address 1-26 Kafuku-hondori, Minami, Nagoya, Aichi 457-0836 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-611-0680

■Company Outline

KICTEC manufactures traffic paints, traffic signs and other traffic safety equipment and materials, as well as advertising equipment. The company also offers integrated services (from marketing, design/development and manufacture to installation work) on an in-house basis. KICTEC is the No. 1 manufacturer of both road-marking paints and traffic signs. The company also has its own unique technologies, including water jet (for removing road markings and recycling signboard) and barrier-free solutions.

■Main Products

Products for traffic safety facilities (traffic paints, traffic signs, light-emitting bumping posts, safety barriers, delineators, light-emitting information boards, shock-absorption equipment "G Guard", etc.)
Advertising services (sign boards, marking for vehicle vending machines, etc.)
Spatial products for bicycles and pedestrians (guide signs for pedestrians, community signs, elastic/water retention flat plates, blocks that separate sidewalks from roadways/lighting blocks, leading blocks for sight-impaired pedestrians/guide-way lines, color coating, stair nosing indication tapes/step lines, knet handrails, panel lights pedestrian crossings, shelters for pedestrians, signs for large evacuation areas, etc.)
Interior, glass film construction, grinding and cleaning of road surfaces, installation/repair of elevators

■Core Competence

KICTEC has been involved in roads for 45 years. We have been seeking safety, security, and comfort for both humans and the environment. We develop, manufacture, and install necessary items for public environments where people gather, holding the largest market share in both traffic paints and traffic signs. Recently, we have developed barrier-free and human-friendly products and methods of use in order to comprehensively propose and provide attractive public environments.