Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 005 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries


Japanese drum maker that handles the complete production process of drums for shrines, temples and festivals

Address 5-123 Shimoshinden, Tsushima, Aichi 496-0875 JAPAN
Tel +81-567-26-2412

■Company Outline

Hotta Japanese Drum Shop manufactures Japanese drums for Ise Jingu Shrine, Eiheiji Temple and other Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, as well as for festivals nationwide. Mr. Hotta is a craftsman from a family of artisans for 26 generations and takes pride in his work. He closely studies and selects the choice wood materials to create the tone his customers want.

■Main Products

Japanese drums including Nagado, Hirado, Okedo, Ojime, Shibori-daiko, Kotsuzumi, Otsuzumi, Gaku-daiko, Da-daiko, drums for Gagaku (Japanese court music), Dora (Gong)-daiko, festival goods (Hanten, Chaba, Atari-gane, etc.)


■Core Competence

Technical skills to meet all requirements and to provide high quality products

Our drums are characterized by their perfect round shape and are constructed by traditional woodcarving methods. We have technical skills always available to create the various sizes of drums requested by customers.