Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 153 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries


Great success in the world’s music scene with its outstanding “Ibanez” guitars and “TAMA” drum sets

Address 22, 3-chome, Shumoku, Higashi, Nagoya, Aichi 461-8717 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-931-0381

■Company Outline

HOSHINO GAKKI started out in a period when Western music was still in its infancy in Japan. The company designs, develops and sells its own brand of guitars and drums - Ibanez and TAMA. Their drums are produced at our factory in Seto, and at a newly built factory in China. Musicians throughout the world favor HOSHINO products, and they are sold in 70 countries worldwide.

■Main Products

Hoshino Gakki provides instruments used in light music such as rock or jazz. Our products are roughly categorized into stringed instruments, percussion instruments, and electronic instruments. Hoshino Gakki also provides related accessory products.

・ Stringed instruments (Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Bass guitars)

・ Percussion instruments (Drum set, Hardware products)

・ Electronic instruments (Amplifiers, Compact effects)

■Core Competence

Since its establishment in 1908, Hoshino Gakki remains a time-honored company, dedicated solely to the production of excellent musical instruments. We emphasize originality in product development, incorporating players’ opinions in our products by inviting professional musicians on our development team. This concept hasn’t changed since the establishment of our original brands.
Hoshino Gakki always aims to create instruments to meet cutting-edge music styles, without depending on the established tradition. Our strength is to respond flexibly to time changes and to continue to meet challenges.
Our production bases have extended throughout Asia with the changes of the times. We have stationed our staff overseas to ensure quality control and to provide good quality instruments. For the global sales channel, we principally establish a single distributor for each country to build up mutual trust. With the development of our brands, we are continuing to advance global management strategies for production and sales.