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Certification No. 917 Manufacture of non-ferrous metals and products 

Kato Manufacture Works Co., Ltd.

A foundry being realized to reduce industrial wastes and pollution has made thin and light-weight copper alloy products light-weight, inexpensive, and clean.

Address Kiyosu 1668, Kiyosu, Aichi, Japan 452-0942, Aichi 452-0942 JAPAN
Tel +86-52-400-7231

■Company Outline

Since establishment in 1947, we have been improving copper alloy casting technologies. A Decompressed and Frozen Mold Casting system, as one of the realized ideals for the 21st century, has succeeded in resource saving, energy saving, and environmental load-reducing. The improvement of casting technologies will be our tasks.

■Main Products

Kato Manufacture Works are supplying, with flexibility, copper alloy products, such as lead-free bronze water supply meters, reducing valves, and joints to meet the water standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfarein Japan, low lead-bronze parts for household appliances and machines to meet the lead regulations in EU, and general bronze parts for shipbuilding and industrial machines.


■Core Competence

Lightweight, inexpensive, and clean bronze castings by a Decompressed and Frozen Mold Casting system
A thin wall and lightweight bronze casting process has succeeded by using a Decompressed and Frozen Mold Casting system for the first time in the world. This breakthrough casting technologies have reduced a 20% of the raw material cost and the melting energy and more than 90% of the casting sands and shells' industrial wastes as well as suppressing offensive odors, vibrations, noise, and dust particles. In domestic market, our manufacturing processing therefore has been changed to such that thin and lightweight complicated large bronze castings have been fabricated by a five-axis machine or machined in a machining center. Large production bronze products are cast, fabricated, and assembled in Dalian, China, in where Dalian plant has many automated and labor saving facilities, which is authenticated as a JIS Mark plant.