Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 706 Manufacture of non-ferrous metals and products 


Aiming to become a unique world-class company with its precision die-cast method based on the HAD Process

Address 1-9 Yoshidaura, Umayose, Imaise, Ichinomiya, Aichi 491-0051 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-43-2960

■Company Outline

With its original "HAD Process" technology, KSD mass-produces high-precision aluminum die-cast products with zero draft angle so products do not require post-processing. KSD also contributes to significant reductions in costs and environmental burdens in the automobile parts, agricultural machinery, and optical equipment industries.

■Main Products

- Automobile parts: parts for shift lever brackets, cam cap parts for engines, engine balancer cover parts, electric air-conditioning compressor parts, AT transmission parts, hybrid car parts, etc.
- Agricultural machinery parts: gear cases for mowing machines
- Optical equipment parts: microscope eyepieces, parts for holding prisms

■Core Competence

KSD enables direct removal of parts from the die-casting with zero draft angle, using its original aluminum die-casting parts manufacturing method, the HAD (High Ability in precision Die casting) Process.
This groundbreaking process does not require post-processing, which was crucial to previous die-casting products. It was developed with KSD's unique know-how, and no other company can imitate it.
Mass-production of high-precision aluminum die-casting products using the HAD Process has enabled reduction of costs and environmental burdens.