Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 056 Manufacture of industrial equipment

Yamahachi Dental Mfg. Co.

An artificial teeth manufacturer with a market share of 30%, second in Japan

Address 54-1 Ochigara, Nishiura, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0105 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-57-7121 FAX: +81-0533-57-1764

■Company Outline

Yamahachi Dental manufactures and distributes various dental materials including artificial teeth. The company’s products are exported to 65 countries, as well as distributed to domestic companies. Yamahachi Dental has been proactively developing new products. Yamahachi Dental Mfg. conducts joint research with universities in the development of raw materials, and has developed hard resin artificial teeth with excellent discoloration resistance and hardness ahead of all competitors in the dental industry.

■Main Products

Artificial teeth, abrasive/polishing materials, articulators, dental wax, dental Co-Cr alloys, dental precious alloys, casting mold alloy materials, artificial tooth materials, surfactant products, impression materials, artificial tooth design equipment, disposable masks, disposable rubber gloves, Gutta Percha Points,Dental Implant


■Core Competence

Healthy eating is the key to a good life. Recently, the importance of mastication (chewing) has been recognized and it is important to improve health. Artificial teeth are essential to recover mastication in the case of loss of chewing ability due to sickness or accident. In order to provide artificial teeth that enable healthy mastication, we need to provide articulation design and material design to improve mastication, to develop materials for maintaining sensuousness for the long-term, and to advance system development for manufacturing artificial teeth that are easy to be applied. It is our strength to be able to develop such technologies for meeting market needs in an immediate manner. Yamahachi Dental holds 30% of the domestic market share for acrylic artificial teeth and obtains great customer satisfaction.