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Certification No. 057 Manufacture of industrial equipment

Tokai Medical Products

A medical equipment manufacturer with top market share in domestic companies for emergency life-saving balloon catheters

Address 1485 Sarayashiki, Dengaku, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0808 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-81-7954

■Company Outline

Tokai Medical Products (TMP) is a research and development oriented medical equipment manufacturer. TMP has succeeded in the domestic manufacturing of an IABP (Intra Aortic Balloon Pumping) balloon catheter, a first aid device for cardiac infarction. TMP continues to challenge its competitions in the high-tech medical field.

■Main Products


○IABP balloon catheter
(first-aid device for acute cardiac infarction)
○PTCA balloon catheter
(Medical device for coronary constriction treatment in angina pectoris and cardiac infarction)
○PTA balloon catheter
(Medical device for the treatment of narrowed blood vessels. This product is especially used for constriction treatment in the bypass region between the artery and vein, in order to perform a stable artificial dialysis for a long period of time.)
○Micro catheter
(Medical device used in chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma in the abdominal region, and mainly used for brain aneurysm treatment in cerebral blood vessels. Current products are targeted to the abdominal region, but they will be applied to cerebral blood vessels in the future.)

■Core Competence

Lead by the fact that the second daughter of the president was born with a serious congenital heart disease, Tokai Medical Products was established. In cooperation with medical institutions, for the first time in Japan, TMP has developed a high-performance IABP balloon catheter that has balloon strength for unique physical characteristics only found in Japanese. These products are only developed by Japanese technologies.
As a result, TMP received the biomaterial congress award in Toronto, Canada for its safe and highly functional IABP balloon catheter. Our high level of technology, fast development, strict “on-site” principle, and pinpoint response (merit of a domestic manufacturer) has led to a number of development offers by doctors in medical institutions. TMP has directly applied such valuable opinions to our products. Our strength is our customer’s trust obtained through thorough development and manufacturing processes.