Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 302 Manufacture of industrial equipment


The only company that develops, designs and manufactures machines for washing contaminated plastic bags

Address 128 Hachiken, Handa, Aichi 475-0807 JAPAN
Tel +81-569-23-2871

■Company Outline

The company has developed a new machine for in-house processing that automatically washes and cleans contaminated plastic bags. KANEMIYA established a system for recycling plastic waste in cooperation with manufacturers of plastic raw materials, thereby contributing greatly to prevention of global warming by applying sustainable domestic recycling systems.

■Main Products

Cleaning gloves used in food factories


Before cleaning (Waste)
Disposal costs are required


After cleaning (Plastic materials)
Purchasable as materials



Innovative cleaning machine to change waste into plastic materials

■Core Competence

Kanemiya is the only company that develops, designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative concepts, performance, and cleaning machines with a few staff with exceptional expertise, by applying high precision sheet metal processing technology acquired through production of IT-related functional components. Although it has been only two years since their release, our cleaning machines have been sold well (approximately 80 units) to a number of companies including listed food companies.