Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 115 Manufacture of industrial equipment


R&D based manufacturer of medical devices and industrial ultra-fine stainless steel wireropes

Address 1703 Wakita, Moriyama, Nagoya, Aichi 489-0071 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-768-1211

■Company Outline

Based on our ultra-fine stainless steel wire manufacturing technologies, ASAHI INTECC produces and sells a wide variety of stainless steel wireropes for industrial use as well as guidewires and catheters for coronary angiography and PCI treatment. In addition to the sales in domestic market, we supply our products to the United States, EU, and Asia.

■Main Products

Medical products such as PTCA Guidewires, Guiding Catheters, and Balloon Catheters to be used for coronary angiography and PCI treatment including angina pectoris and cardiac infarction.
Stainless steel wireropes for driving automobiles, office automation (OA) apparatus, home electrical appliances, and toys.



PTCA guidewire


PTCA guiding catheter


Balloon catheter


Cable Tube(ACTONE)


Synchromesh Wirerope

■Core Competence

ASAHI INTECC has established our total production system with unique four core technologies: the high precision “wire drawing technology”, the “wire forming technology” to provide strength and flexibility, the “torque technology” to enhance torqueability and maneuverability, and the “coating technology” to realize optimal slip performance.
With these technologies, we provide products that are used in PCI treatments and have contributed to the diffusion of non-invasive treatment that minimizes patient burden, without depending on surgery.
ASAHI INTECC has succeeded as a first domestic company to produce PTCA guidewires, holding over 40% of the domestic market share in 2008.