Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 055 Manufacture of general machinery

Sanshin Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A pioneering manufacturer of industrial filters

Address 2-1 Hagurokifuneura, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0894 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-67-0466

■Company Outline

Sanshin is a pioneering manufacturer of industrial filters. Sanshin has been a research and development oriented company since its establishment, and its foundation is a filtering device for plating liquid. Sanshin has manufactured filtering devices and plants and has won a high reputation for its techniques. Sanshin has also established a metal resource recovery system and history of over 30 years.

■Main Products

"ECO ACE PLUS" Clarifyng filter
"MODEL FK" Automatic dewatering filter
"MODEL FD+FK" Automatic closed filtration system
"RECYTER" Acid/Metal salts separator
"PATRONE" Portable ion exchanger
"ECONO CROSS" MF filtration unit
"LTV" Vacuum evaporator


■Core Competence

With 60 years of experience, Sanshin Mfg. Co., Ltd. offers filters, wastewater treatment system, and recycling equipment operating under optimized conditions, required in the manufacturing processes. In particular, Sanshin’s automatic closed filtering system with its large treatment capacity, the “FD + FK model”, is highly praised for its performance and reliability. In fact, Sanshin holds over 90% of the domestic market share in the surface treatment of sheet steel within the production lines of steel manufactures. Furthermore, our filtering systems have also been adopted by major steel manufactures overseas, including China and Korea.