Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1307 Manufacture of general machinery

Wasino Kiki Co.,Ltd.

To support every Customer's difficulties and request , at wider range of Products , as the specialist of Strainer and Sight glass .

Address 3-36 Dozen-cho, Minami-ward , Nagoya 457-0076, Aichi 457-0076 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-822-8726

■Company Outline

To manufacture wide range products , especially High Quality , High Pressure Gas certification product autholized by Minster of METI .
To keep high market share , depend on self developed products which were designed based on
various experience and verified by own flowing test facility.

■Main Products

★Strainer (purpose : (1) improve quality of fluid ,(2) guard fluid components (Pump,Valve,etc.)
Type=Y,U,T,Dual,manual washing,Auto,Temporary,and Conical for LNG ship.
Casing and Welding from pipe.


★Sight glass (purpose : to watch and manage fluid from outside)
For easy watching , various type=flapper,boal,watch through,nozzle,wipper,impeller,cylinder, and
electrical controlled.


■Core Competence

★Conical Strainer for LNG ship
Due to special requirement ,such as "reduce by half pressure drop", We developed new product,
and delivered almost all of domestic shipbuilder.
Key points of development are , verified theoretical data and actual one ,utilize own flow testing
facility ,and relationship with University, official institute.

★Manual Washing Y-type Strainer
After starting needs as heavy, installed at higher level, We expanded market based on "Maintenance
availability during continuous operation.
For example, circulating cooling water line,DHC(Domestic Heating & Cooling),Hospitals, and Sea
cultivation facilities.
We are keeping overwhelming top share.

To developed original management method, just for medium and small companies, based on......
TPS(Toyota Production System) and DENSO's Monodukuri-way.
To change situation of problems to visualize , especially invisible potential problem.
And improve by everybody , continuously as habit.