Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 215 Manufacture of general machinery


Seeking to become a leading company in power transmission devices

Address 1-1 Inoue, Izumi, Anjo, Aichi 444-1297 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-92-1151

■Company Outline

NISSEI began producing sewing machine parts in 1942. The technology refined in the course of the business enabled the company to begin production of small fine pitch gears in 1955. NISSEI launched the production of die-cast parts in 1966, and developed a reducer in 1969 (a long-cherished product, developed on an in-house basis). The company has expanded its business by increasing the types of reducers and improving gear production capacity and technology.

■Main Products

Brushless DC gear motor (Variable speed gear motor) of GTR-AR series newly released launched as new bland in September, 2007.
High-precision hypoid gear with a maximum reduction ratio of 1/360 per pair.


Brushless DC gear motor


High-precision hypoid gear

■Core Competence

One of our advantages is our capability to meet customer needs for reducers. By manufacturing more than 90 % of gear motor components in-house, Nissei offers more than 140,000 kinds of products, and has a system to deliver its products in a short period of time (within three days from order acceptance) without maintaining stock. Custom-order products account for 40% of our sales, and are highly recognized and trusted through meeting diversified customer needs.
Our second advantage is abundant facilities to manufacture gears and our comprehensive production system. Nissei has prominent production capacity (monthly output: 1.5 to 2 million units) and its comprehensive production system covers all processes including design, processing, and heat treatment.
In addition to these advantages, we are making efforts to improve technologies and productivity. As a result, we have increased our operated earning ratio of consolidate net sales by over 10% for 31 consecutive periods (fiscal year ending March 2007).