Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 105 Manufacture of general machinery


Specialized manufacturer that provides industrial furnaces and heat treatment services, holding Japan’s largest market share for compact vacuum heat treatment furnaces

Address Kiori, Miwa, Aichi 490-1203 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-444-5141

■Company Outline

NAKANIHON-RO KOGYO CO., LTD. is a machine builder that designs, produces, and sells industrial furnaces, as well as performing maintenance. Through detailed arrangements with customers, the manufacturer provides optimum furnaces to meet its customers’needs. The company has a Heat Treatment Division to provide metal hardening and CVD coating services upon request.

■Main Products

Vacuum heat treatment furnaces, tempering furnaces, sintering furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces, cart type heat treatment furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, CVD coating equipment, active screen plasma nitriding equipment


■Core Competence

Nakahihon-Ro Kogyo is a unique provider of heat treatment services that meet various customer needs.
Our products are mostly specified to customers.
To realize customer needs, we propose optimal facilities by integrating design, development, and sales teams.
We are able to manufacture various equipment including large type furnaces for mass-production and test treatment devices for research and development.
Our model NVF-30 compact vacuum heat treatment furnaces hold a domestic market share of 50% for their features such as energy saving, cost saving, space saving, and environmentally-friendliness. The amount of export of these products is increasing, especially to China and other Southeast Asian countries.
We are advancing equipment development using plasma heat source to improve heat efficiency, aiming to be an environmentally aware company.
The active screen plasma nitriding equipment has been developed for the first time in Japan, and it is expected to be further diffused.