Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 032 Manufacture of general machinery

Maeda Shell Service Co., Ltd.

A company that started as a shell core manufacturer and promotes the development of several new products

Address 76-4 Kanayama, Ikegane, Okazaki,, Aichi 444-3595 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-48-2411

■Company Outline

Maeda Shell Service started out as a shell core manufacturer. Recently, we have developed the skeleton filter, which can remove very fine impure particles from compressed air, for the first time in the industry. It is adopted in the wide range of fields and has been in a great demand.
Moreover, we have established the compressed air quality measurement technique (8 Step System) with which the quality of compressed air can be confirmed by the numerical value for the first time in the industry. The system has also gained popularity in terms of air quality control.
We aggressively proceed the development of our original products such as recycle of wasted forklift tires as the environment-friendly prpduct and light walking sticks and light stretchers as weight saving product.

■Main Products

Granted PM (Japa Institution of Plant Maintenance) awards 6 times

■Core Competence

Development of environment-friendly new materials and filters
With our mottos, “environmental conservation,” “energy conservation,” “resource saving,” and “quality assurance,” Maeda Shell Service makes every effort to manufacture products that satisfy these conditions. Our core concept is to provide excellent quality products and sufficient after-sales services.
Our high performance urethane with wear resistance contributes to energy and resource saving. Furthermore, we have a wide range of air filters to meet standards and specifications of each industry. Our air filters contribute to environmental conservation with the original after-sales service (“8-step service system”).