Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 013 Manufacture of general machinery


Manufacturer of ultra high-precision decelerators with zero backlash

Address 1166 Kamewari Mitsukuri, Toyota, Aichi 470-0424 JAPAN
Tel +81-565-76-0021

■Company Outline

Kamo Seiko focuses on precision ball decelerators that transmit the motor revolution speed to the arms, etc. in machinery and has realized zero backlash (play at reversing), a feat that had previously been impossible. Further developed original products including rack and pinion are manufactured and distributed for the global market.

■Main Products

Kamo Seiko has developed the following lineup of products.
- Air Index, well-reputed in the market for its user-friendliness and easy maintenance since the inauguration of our company.

- Cam Type Index that uses steel balls as transmission element.

- Ball Speed Reducer that provides the Non-backlash cost-effectiveness by the unique mechanism using steel balls as transmission element.

- TCG Runner & Ring, newly innovated rack & pinion system, that provides Non-backlash quality.


■Core Competence

With the principle of “creating and proposing new and useful products,” Kamo Seiko aims to continue to be a “stand alone” company that is unique among companies, by proactively developing and marketing new products. We have developed and commercialized a “Ball Speed Reducer” that does not use gears for the first time in the world. This “Ball Speed Reducer” has removed backlash that was the principal cause of various machinery problems. Our “TCG Runner & Ring” was accomplished by applying the same concept to the rack and pinion. The “TCG Runner & Ring” has successfully removed backlash by the unique mechanism. Kamo Seiko has established its originality through this product development. We will continue to make efforts to contribute extensively to industrial development.