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ANLET Co.,Ltd.

ANLET’s proprietary triple-lobe Roots blowers designed for lower-noise, lower-vibration, longer-life and more energy-efficient operation

Address 1-25 Takara, Kanie, Aichi 497-8531 JAPAN, Aichi 497-8531 JAPAN
Tel +81-567-95-1211

■Company Outline

ANLET is a leading manufacturer specializing in Roots blowers and dry vacuum pumps, developing environment-friendly and energy-efficient products. Under the company motto, “Powered by Water, Air, and Vacuum,” we are presently expanding our business.

■Main Products

Roots blowers (Type BE, BH, BS, BSS, BWH, etc.)


Roots vacuum pumps (Type CT4, FT4, ST3, CT3, FT3, etc.)


Low-pressure air blowers that meet the standards set by the revised Act Concerning the Rational Use of Energy (Type AAB, ABC, etc.)
Dust collectors (Type ASD, RSD, RSK, RCP, etc.)

■Core Competence

ANLET’s core technology is the triple-lobe Roots blower. Unlike conventional twin-lobe Roots blower, our product has a lower level of noise and vibration with a longer product life cycle. This technology, which allows us to retain nearly 60% of the market share in the water treatment industry, is drawing attention as vacuum pump technology for the manufacturing of solar panels and flat-panel displays. Our lineup also includes a large dry vacuum pump with the largest displacement in the world. In addition, as a means of helping reduce CO2 emissions to prevent global warming, we provide low-pressure air blowers that meet the standards established by the revised Act Concerning the Rational Use of Energy.