Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 904 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures


Development-proposal-oriented enterprise, having engaged in manufacturing and distributing chairs for half a century.With the top domestic market share for parlor chairs.

Address 18, kawara, Hukama-cyo, Anjo, Aichi,446-0052 Japan, Aichi 446-0052 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-76-5137

■Company Outline

Chair manufacturer having several production bases in Japan for riskdispersion. Manufacturing OEM products (office chairs) for major trading companies and
having top-ranked market share in chairs for pachinko (Japanese pinball)
parlors. Focusing our efforts on new-product development, resulting in our patents
for structures of chairs for pachinko, winning of the “Good Design Award,”

■Main Products

(1) Office Chair WA-1500 Series: With uniquely  high-class  quality  offered at affordable prices by the chair  manufacturer  having  over  50  years  of history Liven up your office work and make it comfortable
(2) Parlor Chair MD-7000: Flagship model of  MD  series,  pioneer  brand  of parlor chair.Parlor  chair  opening  up  new  dimensions  in  all  properties   including mechanical structure and comfortableness.
 (3) Parlor Chair MD-3000: Long-selling model of MD series parlor chairs

Produced as ultimate ecological chair preceding  the  new  enhanced  age  of
environment and representing the next generation                                                                   
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■Core Competence

The in-house production ensures manufacturing the chairs that cannot be
imitated by the competitors.
(1) Number One: Results with top-ranked sales share of chairs for pachinko. (2) Only One: Line of flexible and comfortable products using elastomeric
material, inimitable by other competitors.
Products with inventive structures (ex. MD-7000, ATF system, etc.) (3) First One: Elastomer mesh chair (ex. MD-3000), Stripe mesh with elastic
yarn (ex. MD-7000), Chair with folding structure (ex. MD-7000), Kidney
motion structure relieving feeling of fatigue (ex. MD-6000), etc., for the
first in the pachinko chair industry As the pioneer among the office chair manufacturers, we have achieved the
employment of the RS up-down mechanism and the five-leg design through the
technical cooperation in 1972 with Leder Sehne Company of West Germany,
etc. In 1983, we gave birth to the OA chair “Ergo E,” as the pioneer of OA
chairs. The “Just Chair,” the million-seller OEM product, attained the “one-touch”
arms, the resinification of back and seat urethane core material, etc. as
the industry's first features.