Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 046 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures

Oliver Co., Ltd.

The representative furniture and interior decoration manufacturer in Japan

Address 1-1-12 Yabuta, Okazaki, Aichi 444-2137 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-27-2800

■Company Outline

Oliver has been manufacturing and distributing business furniture for 40 years. The company has been proactively exploring new markets through the provision of Oliver diverse catalogues and other catalogues targeted to different markets. The recent product delivery to the airport marks the company’s achievement. Oliver prides itself on the highest sales in business furniture through the active promotion of strict quality control and procurement of foreign products.

■Main Products

Left: Multi-function chair
The motor drive enables the chair to be set in an arbitrary position.
This product is targeted to medical institutions.
Center: Airport bench
This is the same type as the bench delivered to Narita International Airport by Oliver.
Right: Leather armchair with optimal design and material
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■Core Competence

The Oliver diverse catalogue currently has 8,000 items, responding to the diversification of market needs. Oliver develops high value added products for different purposes, enhances its craftsmanship, and manufactures high technology/quality products. We have further applied our multi-objective production method acquired in product sales to contracting business with institutions.
Oliver proposes interior plans involving management for each institution and provides a unique plan with original products comprehensively from material to design. Furthermore, we flexibly use our global production network to meet each customer’s budget and deadline, and always provide safe and comfortable interior products by conducting quality control and strength tests.