Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0621 Manufacture of food


A traditional Tamari (dark soy sauce) manufacturer in the Tokai area, meeting customer needs with its unique technology

Address 3-106 Minato, Handa, Aichi 475-0823 JAPAN, Aichi 475-0823 JAPAN
Tel +81-569-23-0703

■Company Outline

YAMAMI JYOZO provides processed condiments such as glutamic acid-rich condiments made from Tamari soy sauce (dark soy sauce) and attends to various customer needs with its de-salt and color reduction technologies. Furthermore, we develop efficient wide-variety-small-volume products and have a manufacturing system to provide quick supply to niche markets.

■Main Products

1 Tamari soy sauce (dark soy sauce), Koikuchi soy sauce (thick soy sauce): various food condiments [Ganko Oyaji no Itteki Tamari, Ganko Oyaji no Itteki Soy sauce]
2 Condiment liquid for rice snacks: products for rice crackers, okaki and senbei [Sokobiki Tamari, Saijo Tamari, Awakuchi Tamari, etc.]
3 Industrial condiments: tare (special sauce), tsuyu (dipping sauce), sauce, dressing, soup [Yakiniku no Tare, Shabushabu no Tare, Udon Tsuyu, Soba Tsuyu, Gyudon no Tare, Tendon no Tare, Katsudon no Tare, Tonkatsu Sauce, Chili Sauce, etc.]


■Core Competence

1 Manufacturing technology of glutamic acid-rich (contained in nitrogen) Tamari soy sauce (dark soy sauce)
2 Unique production method; the industry's first development of a method to break down bean curd by a compression process
3 Original color reduction, de-salt and germ-free technologies to manufacture Tamari soy sauce (meeting various customer needs)
4 Completed development system with thousands of condiment recipes to develop tasty Tamari soy sauce/condiments and to attend to needs for new tastes in a timely manner