Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0132 Manufacture of food


Developing and producing functional natural substances as ingredients for health foods, cosmetics, and medicines

Address 1-39-1 Yoshikawa, Obu, Aichi 474-0046 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-46-7677

■Company Outline

TOYO HAKKO is an R&D based company that evaluates the usefulness of natural substances and develops functional ingredients for health foods, cosmetics, medicines, and other products by using its fermentation and extraction technologies. The company has also established a support system to provide customer solutions.

■Main Products

UNIFETH®: Toyo Hakko produces the substance containing a high level of phytostenone by oxidizing plant sterol with screened microorganisms. Phytostenone has an anti obesity effect and is produced by our original fermentation technology. This substance is essential for tackling the recent metabolic syndrome.
ROSE CRYSTA®-70: Toyo Hakko produces the substance containing high polyphenol extracted from natural rose petals. Polyphenol is concentrated with a special method. This substance is popular for its image of a rose as well as its effect.
SENSEPUR™: This is substance made of fermented plant and rice using plant lactic bacteria through centrifugation and a spray-drying technique. Fermentation with plant lactic bacteria makes it easy-to-eat. This substance is also effective for controlling bad odors such as animal droppings.
GMT-SOD®: This substance is the extract from fermented rice embryo and soybean using our original methods.
Other products and many other products.

■Core Competence

Contributing to health and beauty with original fermented substances
Toyo Hakko develops and produces high value added materials by fermenting natural materials with microorganisms that have been bred in-house. We have been creating unique substances.
Based on customer requests, our developed substances respond to various concepts including metabolic syndrome, elderly persons’ body odor, immunity activator, skin whitening, and antiaging of skin. Our substances are contributing to the realization of a healthy, beautiful, and affluent long-life-society. Moreover, we have developed a health control management program using the Internet to support individual requests for being healthy and beautiful. Toyo Hakko will further contribute to customer health and beauty by developing both soft and hard aspects.