Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0111 Manufacture of food


Food maker that provides Ebi Sembei, shrimp-flavored potato crackers, containing local specialties

Address 3-85-1 Ohamakami, Hekinan, Aichi 447-0857 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-45-2020

■Company Outline

SUGI SEIKA manufactures “Ebi Sembei” and “Ika Sembei” (shrimp-flavored potato crackers and squid-flavored potato crackers) containing generous amounts of the main ingredient. The company uses local specialties to open up new possibilities for making crackers. At its “Ebi-Sen Kazoku” direct sales stores and by mail order, SUGI SEIKA offers “flavor” and “enjoyment” at home.

■Main Products

111_s01.jpgのサムネール画像"Iso no Kazoku"
The senbei (potato crackers) are made of potato starch specially produced for Sugi Seika and flavored with a secret (rich soy) sauce made by "Mikawa Hon-mirin (sweet sake)." It is created by traditional skilled techniques.

111_01.jpgのサムネール画像This is our original product, containing 8 types of senbei placed on an edible tray made of ebi senbei (shrimp-flavored potato crackers). We have succeeded in making an edible tray using the ingredients for ebi senbei, after a long period of planning. This product has gained customer satisfaction for its environmental friendliness.

■Core Competence

Sugi Seika has obtained ISO 9001 for the first time as an ebi senbei maker to provide customers with safe and secure products. Currently, we are aiming to obtain HACCP (Aichi) and ISO 14001. Sugi Seika is focusing on the planning and development of new popular products through related sections such as the Product Plan Development Division. Our product development is based on the idea of creating good taste, the high utilization rate of main ingredients, and determination. To realize such products, sophisticated skills are also required. We will explore new areas on top of the existing cracker area and increase our business nationwide through the establishment of an original production line and the creation of new markets. Furthermore, we will adapt well-planned production and increase the machine operation ratio by developing products derived from special national products and by steadily increasing the sales of these products in each region. Such products can be developed by mutual trust between Sugi Seika and our customers.