Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0027 Manufacture of food

Shinsei Co., Ltd.

The top share company for sesame products for home cooking

Address 29 Katabashinmachi, Kitanagoya, Aichi 481-8526 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-23-3311

■Company Outline

Shinsei is a manufacturer of sesame products and instant foods, and has the top share in sesame products for home cooking. Shinsei was the first to develop peeled sesame products that go through as many as 15 processes without using chemicals. Many consumers visit the theme museum “Goma-no-sato (Home of Sesame)” next to the factory.

■Main Products

"Kawamukitype Iri-goma 200g"
(Peeled-Roasted Sesame Seed)
"Umaka-aji Suri-goma (White)100g"
(Grated Sesame Seed)
"Matcha Suri-goma 65g"
(Grated Sesame Seed)
"Shokutaku no Neri-goma (White) 80g"
(Roasted Seasame Paste)


■Core Competence

The top share company for sesame products for home cooking
Sesame is called “the king of health food” and contains protein, fat, iron, and other minerals and sesame lignan, an antioxidant unique to sesame. However, if you eat sesame with the peel, it prevents digestion and reduces the absorption of nutrients. Shinsei noticed peeled sesame and its characteristic of facilitating the absorption of abundant nutrients ahead of all others. We developed a technique to physically peel sesame without using chemicals in 1985. Although our new peeled sesame entered the market, sales performance was poor due to lack of familiarity. However, Shinsei was determined to spread healthy culture through sesame and consistently promoted the advantages of peeled sesame. As a result, we started to obtain consumers’ understanding toward peeled sesame. The market has accordingly expanded with growing health-consciousness. Shinsei has become a top share company for sesame products for home cooking in Japan.