Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0206 Manufacture of food

Pasco Shikishima Corporation

A bakery that has spread its business throughout Japan with the Pasco brand, based on its management principle “health and beauty”

Address 5-3 Shirakabe, Higashi, Nagoya, Aichi 461-8721 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-933-2111

■Company Outline

Shikishima Baking was founded in 1920 with the assistance of a German baking engineer. The company has a 10% market share of bakery products, and ranks second in the industry in Japan. As a fresh start in 2003, the company integrated the Pasco brand of eastern Japan and the Shikishima brand of western Japan into one, Pasco.

■Main Products


Chojuku Bread is made with only necessary ingredients, using a minimal amount of additives, in consideration of the basic methods of bread baking. It tastes simple because it is made with simple ingredients. The taste of wheat is maintained by this simplicity, providing excellent taste and flavor. Chojuku Bread is suitable for toasting and sandwiches, as well as eating from the package.


Nagoyan Bread is appreciated by numerous customers, as a Nagoya-produced sweet brand. It has a pleasurable sweetness and a mild taste. Nogoyan Bread has been popular with each generation since its creation in 1958.

■Core Competence

1.The Chojuku Method of making bread is to bake gelatinized flour (made by boiling water) matured for long hours at a low temperature. This method improves stickiness and moisture in bread dough, achieving a Chojuku loaf with a tasty crust. The Chojuku Method is our original patented technique. (Patent No. 3167692).
2.With the technology to ferment bread dough at hyo-on freezing temperature (0 Celcius to immediately above freezing), we provide moist bread with excellent flavor.
3.With the technology to soften whole grain bread, we provide tasty whole grain bread called Raimugi (rye ) Bread.
4.We provide stable products with excellent taste, and an extended expiration date, using yeast such as Panetone.