Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0502 List of industrial classificationManufacture of food


We are devoted to the creation of superior chicken products. The history of Sanwa is the history of Nagoya Cochin.

Address 106-3 Tsukeda, Nishijo, Oharu, Aichi 490-1144 JAPAN, Aichi 490-1144 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-444-2822

■Company Outline

Sanwa Farms was founded in Odaka, Chita, Aichi in 1900, more than 80 years ago. Since that time, Sanwa CORPORATION has specialized in the supply of chicken meat, bringing a variety of delicious, high-quality products to the table.
We produce and sell our own chicken products, including Sanwa’s Jyunkei Nagoya Cochin (One of the famous Japanese traditional chichen) and Koso Meisui chicken.

■Main Products

Sanwa's Jyunkei Nagoya Cochin products Sanwa's frozen ready-to-cook, Nagoya Cochin and other food products for Mizutaki, a dish made with chicken and vegetables cooked in Japanese dashi broth in a pot at the table and served with ponzu sauce made with citrus juice and soy sauce Nagoya Specialty--simmered Nagoya Cochin wings




■Core Competence

To ensure safer, higher-quality, and fresher chicken products for consumers, the Sanwa Group has been working under the slogan, “Sanwa, the most reliable supplier of chicken products,” to develop an integrated system from production to sales?poultry farming, slaughtering, and processing, as well as wholesale and retail sale of chicken products.
We believe that our customers' loyalty stems from their understanding of how our products and services fit in with our total commitment to food reliability, safety, and palatability.
We will continue our efforts to develop a new and unique business model in the poultry meat industry and provide more reliable, safer, and tastier chicken products.