Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0413 Manufacture of food


Japan’s first company to develop a pharmaceutical glucose manufacturing technology with top share of the domestic market

Address 24-5 Kitahama, Chita, Aichi 478-8503 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-55-5111

■Company Outline

San-ei Sucrochemical Co., Ltd. was the first company in Japan to develop pharmaceutical glucose manufacturing technology, and now holds top share of the domestic market. In addition, we have recently focused on culturing microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria) with beneficial health effects to develop medicines. We are an expert in the area of glucose research and have absolute confidence in our quality control.

■Main Products

Crystalline glucose for medical, food, and industrial use, sugar alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, liquid glucose, maltose powder, dextrin solution and powder, various syrups, lactic acid products for fermented soybean paste soy sauce and meat processing, powder products manufactured on consignment


Glucose medication


Crystal glucose

■Core Competence

We are the only company in Japan to have an integrated system to produce crystal glucose, various syrups, and sugar alcohol from corn. Since developing a technology to manufacture glucose for medical purposes for the first time in Japan, through strict quality control based on Good Manufacturing Practice, we have maintained a stable supply of higher quality products than those offered by other companies. As a result, we hold top share for medical glucose products, such as for drip infusion and dialysis treatment. In recent years, our fermentation technology-based culture, purification, and formulation of bacteria have been highly valued by customers. This business is expected to grow as one of the applications of bio-preservation?using bacteria beneficial to human health to produce safe, good-tasting food at low cost.