Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0613 Manufacture of food


Providing safe food/cosmetics ingredients to the world using the extract of functional compounds from natural resources, contributing to people's health

Address 1 Numata, Kitagata-cho, Ichinomiya, Aich 493-8001 JAPAN, Aichi 493-8001 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-86-5141

■Company Outline

We provide health food ingredients, edible rice oil, and functional cosmetics materials which are well-defined by our abundant evidence and complete safety. Our aim is to contribute to everyone's health and happiness around the world by providing high quality original products.

■Main Products

We have launched a variety of functional materials such as polyphenol, carotenoid, and fat. For instance, "Oryza Gaba" was developed through a joint research project with Chugoku National Agricultural Experiment Station, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and is the world's most innovative technology for production of rice germ enriched with highly concentrated γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA has recently attracted attention for its relaxing effect, and its high absorbent qualities have also been discovered. "Oryza Ceramide" is extracted from rice oil and contains a large amount of glycosphingolipid, which is known to make the skin beautiful. We have been successful for the first time in analyzing the chemical structure of the rice-derived glycosphingolipid through joint research with Hokkaido University. "Japanese Butterbur Extract" is a polyphenol material and contains an anti-allergic effect, and was developed in cooperation with Japan Agricultural Co-operatives in Aichi Chita using butterburs produced in Aichi Prefecture."Fucoxanthin" consists of a type of carotenoid (fucoxanthin) and has attracted attention for its effect on weight loss including the burning of brown fat.


■Core Competence

Our strongest core competence is the combination of operational power, manufacturing power, and research/development power. In detail;
[1] Operational power: fast responses to realize customer demands around the world.
[2] Manufacturing power: flexible facilities and human resources to realize in wide-variety-small-volume production.
[3] Research/development power: converting "seeds" into "needs." That is, product planning capacity to foresee needs and technological competence to identify/assess/prove functionality in a timely manner.
We have raised our profile as a distinctive functional material manufacturer by fully employing our core competence to develop "Oryza GABA" _ world's first rice germ enriched with GABA, "Oryza Ceramide" _ Japan's first botanical ceramide, and unique botanical polyphenol extracted from various plant seeds.